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I got in touch with Kriss at SFE after reading Fast After 50 and observing other “mature” athletes reaping the benefits of being strong.  I struggled with an injury that can only be repaired with surgery but that would likely prevent me from ever running again and I am not done with running. I am an experienced athlete so I don’t need Personal training sessions but I do need an experienced and objective advisor to steer me in the right direction and prescribe a routine that is individualised to my specific issues and goals.

“I am enjoying feeling stronger again.”

My program is a whole body program with a focus on strengthening my ankle ,glutes, hips, hamstrings and improving my balance. It requires a commitment of 2 sessions per week of about 45 mins which can be done either at home with a kit of parts or at the Gym. I prefer to workout at the gym where I can use the  mirrors to observe my form and keep a check on how I am executing the exercises. I also perform a mobility routine for about 10 mins before every run and ride session that helps to stretch my body, open up my hips, activate my glutes and give my body an awareness of its postural position.

Since beginning the program with Strength For Endurance I have learnt so much. I feel a much more aware of my posture – particularly when I am running but also when riding. When I first started the program there were exercises that I did not think I would ever master -  I can now do these far more easily. I still have work to do but I feel symmetry coming back to my body which has translated into better running form and less pain. I am absolutely committed to my strength sessions now and I prioritise them rather than just trying to fit them in around all the cardio sessions. I am enjoying feeling stronger again.

“I am unquestionably stronger on the bike”

Having been on my SFE programme since 1st of December  I can now run 3 times per week without pain in my ankle. Before my program I would struggle to get 2 runs done and they would both involve managing pain both during and after my runs followed by a lot of limping. I am unquestionably stronger on the bike – managing to work hard with the peloton I ride with rather than hanging on the back trying to not get dropped. My balance has improved – with more improvement still to come. I feel that I have better control over my muscle activation – with an awareness of what is working and not working rather than just allowing my more dominant muscles to take over and do the work.

I still have a long way to go to get REALLY strong but I am absolutely confident in this path with so many positive changes in a relatively short period of time.

Sharyn is working from an individualised program. Like all of our Online Programs these programs give us the ability to help people who can’t get to us in person. If you’re looking for a program that’ll help build strength and give you the ability to continue doing what you love, check out our Training Programs page or get in touch via