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Strength is the Foundation for Health and Performance but when it comes to Consistent Training, finding the time to incorporate a Strength program in around work, family and other commitments seems impossible. Whether you’re training for a Triathlon, running a Marathon or ready to progress on from your Physiotherapy exercises, Strength For Endurance is here to help.

strength training home travel kit

Build the foundations for a lifetime of success

The StrengthForEnduranceKIT is a Home and Travel Strength Training Kit Designed Specifically for the Endurance Athlete.

The KIT allows you to move Safely and Confidently through a Strength Training Program that will Help to Reduce Injury and Improve Your Everyday Health and Performance. Using the selected suspension training equipment and resistance bands you can train conveniently anytime, anywhere, without having to step foot inside a gym.

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At our Strength For Endurance Training Studio in Bath, UK we run Classes, 1:1 Consultations and Private Group Sessions for anyone looking to improve their Health and Performance. 

Laura Siddall


"As a Professional triathlete I spend my travelling around the World, spending time in new places. Being able to have the SFE Kit with me enables me to continue my strength and conditioning training regardless of access to a gym or facilities. It's got all the equipment you need, to set up outside or inside, and still get a very valuable training session done."

- Laura Siddall (Ironman Australia Champion 2017)


Michael Radley

" Losing 55kg and competing in 70.3 events, I thought I had the strength side sorted but boy was I wrong! Even the simple things of the program such as mobilise and activate have played a vital part in my pre training sessions and I have noticed a massive difference in performance. I now look back and wonder how I survived without doing these. 

 It has totally changed the way I look at strength training but the biggest thing I have learnt is consistency wins the battle!"

- Michael, Age Group Triathlete, Port Macquarie


Returning from injury, I noticed the difference as soon as I hit the trails.
— Jill Thompson, Ultra-Runner
My KIT has been pivotal in my rehab from back surgery a year and a half ago.
— Luisa Camilleri, Cyclist
The KIT keeps my activation and mobility on point, which is key for my performance
— Tim Van Berkel, Pro-Triathlete


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The benefits of STRENGTH TRAINing?



Running Injury Ankle

Clocking up long and hard training hours takes it's toll on the body, commonly resulting in overuse injuries and inconvenient lay-offs. Strength training builds the essential foundations of a resilient body.


Tim Van Berkel Professional Triathlete

Endurance performance requires much more than just training in your chosen disciplines. Strength training develops power, speed, and strength endurance helping you achieve your personal bests and winning performances.


stair strength running workout

 Longer is not always better. Huge training hours in combination with work and family life can leave us time poor. Support your key sessions with strength training that'll bring efficiency to your program.


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