A large majority of the clients we work with at Strength For Endurance are rehabilitating following injury. This past year we’ve been working with Jenny, a full time working mum of two and a very talented runner, who 9 months ago thought her running days were over. Here she shares a little more about her rehab journey.

I had been struggling with pain in my achilles which had prevented me from running for about eight months. As anyone knows who has suffered with tendonitis in this area of the body it is very difficult to get it to settle. I would think it was feeling better, try to run, then find myself struggling to walk the following day. Mornings would be the worst as it stiffened up overnight and I would hobble like an old woman to get downstairs. It was so bad I had convinced myself that seeing a consultant and possible surgery was the answer. My Physio suggested before I go down this route to focus on exercises which would build strength in my calves and glutes and recommended trying a session with Kriss at Strength For Endurance.


I booked my first session with Kriss back in April 2018 having only run on a handful of occasions since the start of September (2017). We got to work straightway using both bodyweight and weights, resistance bands and mobility exercises to work on my lower legs, hips, glutes and core.

My strength in these areas improved rapidly and I was able to start some easy running pain free and also complete short track training sessions. Kriss increased the challenge of the sessions and my strength improved further. I decided to enter some age group track races over 400m, 800m and 1500m culminating in two bronze medals at the British Masters Track Championships at the end of August.

Jenny Medal.jpg

As well as designing sessions that have specifically addressed my injuries, Kriss is a great motivator and listener. He really understands the circumstances that impact on my training and my personal juggling act ( I am 45, teach full time, have two teenage daughters and a husband who often works away from home during the week). This means he will adapt each session depending on what sort of state I am in when I arrive on a Saturday morning and discuss with me what training is realistic for me to try to fit in during the week. 

My confidence both mentally and physically has improved hugely since that first session in April. I have now started to increase the distances I run and my body is so much stronger. I have now run up to half marathon distance again and am hoping to race the Bath Half in March. I would love to get back to running sub 90minutes for a half and I now believe this is possible. Quite a turn around for someone who thought she might not run again at the start of 2018.

Jenny Barbell.jpg

There are plenty of options for you to train with us too. If you live locally we run a Lower Limb Rehab class twice a week at our Bath Studio, as well as 1:1 sessions and small group strength and mobility classes. If visiting us isn’t an option, we have plenty on online training options from Sport Specific Programs to our Virtual Studio Monthly Membership which provides effective programming and coaching guidance, from rehab through to performance.