Mastering the Art of Keeping it Together

Katie Crosby post race

Written by Katie Crosby

The power of one’s personal experience can be inspiring for another’s.

Rather than sing my own praises, I would like to present a more humble and accurate picture of how I incorporate consistent training around my busy lifestyle.

As some of you may already know, I am a Mother to three little people, Ella (7 years), Hadley (5 years) and Archer (2 years). Raising children is both rewarding and very demanding. I pour so much of myself daily into ensuring they feel safe and cared for. Secondly, running the household, meal planning/ prepping, washing, cleaning and all things in-between.

Crosby kids

My Husband David works full time. When he is not working, he is excelling as a part time athlete. He follows an intense training regime. He rolls out of bed at 4 am to train before going to work and he trains directly after work before coming home; to then slip into the role of being a parent and a supportive Partner.

I’m very grateful to have such a supportive network around me, as most days are a juggle and naturally involve a lot of compromising. In summary you may gather there is only a small window of opportunity to focus on my own ambitions and training.

The Crosbys

So how do I do it?

Firstly I create a foundation. I function on routine and always plan ahead.

I know what my training sessions look like in advance to performing them. It’s an efficient way of going into your training session prepared. In short words of advice “if you are not prepared, be prepared to fail.” I apply these same principles with my nutrition.

As I see it, the process can be as hard or as easy as you make it for yourself. This is where the convenience of the SFE Kit comes in.

The sessions are there. They are structured, safe and versatile. The program caters for a variety of fitness levels and abilities and that’s what makes it sustainable. SFE works for me because I am time poor. I need a training session that gives me the most effective results in the shortest period of time and can be applied from home.

Katie Crosby

Back to the word “foundation.”

I set long term goals for my competitive races but more so I set short term goals. Some daily and some weekly, Why?

Well to be realistic, workouts and training sessions for me are not without their distractions. “MUM, I’m hungry, Hadley kicked me, Archie took my car, Ella’s being mean…..” There are days where it’s hard not to feel defeated when your training session didn’t work out the way you intended it too. And as much as it is frustrating it’s important to keep a positive mind frame. So when I say daily goals, it’s a small win if I can complete a full work out without having to stop part of the way through and SFE provides that flexibility for me.

Let’s talk about accountability. Feeling accountable can be beneficial if you struggle with motivation. But for me it’s knowing that someone is counting on me to give 100% and that’s where I find my motivation. I can’t suggest enough to find yourself someone that you can be accountable for. I have a running partner for my Sunday Long Runs and I love it.

Katie Crosby racing

Why do you do it?

It’s the second most asked question when it comes to how active I am. In all honesty any physical activity for me, whether it be running, strength training, HIIT or Yoga it’s all accompanied by an invaluable source of positive energising vibes. That’s why I do it. It’s something that I can control, it’s my stress relief and I always feel at my best mentally, emotionally and physically when I am consistent with this. If something feels good, you’re going to do it over and over again. 

But there is something even greater that I have learnt through all of these experiences. Without it, the rest cannot happen. It’s called Self Care. We cannot pour from an empty cup. A lesson I had to learn the hard way. I fell hard with Chronic Fatigue and it has been a long recovery. So be mindful of the juggle and make time for yourself. Train smart, hydrate and listen to your body. If you follow the SFE principles you will be covering those key areas.

Katie & David

My aim is to emphasise that although we are living in a very fast paced society, you can find more balance to juggle strength and fitness with your daily hustle and bustle. We have a grounded, supportive network and an inspiring community within Strength For Endurance. It’s not just about obtaining new knowledge but implementing new techniques and creating new habits.

Katie Crosby Bio

Self confessed Triathlon "WAG", running enthusiast and Strength For Endurance Team Member Katie Crosby lives with her husband David and their three children in Lennox Head, NSW (Australia).

She hopes to inspire others by sharing her stories of maintaining a happy balance between running a household, supporting an aspiring athlete and finding her own time to train. 

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