So you've got a band, but you're wondering what to do with it?

Rather than let it sit at the bottom of your bag, we're going to show you a few really effective exercises that are sure to take your training to the next level, whether you're looking to build strength for everyday health or train for your next event.

From beginners to elite athletes band work is a highly effective way of us to bring resistance training into our busy lives. In the studio we use bands in every session, mostly during our ACTIVATION step. It will compliment rather than hinder your swim, bike and run training and if you’re mindset is right, something that can bring consistency and many benefits to everyday life and performance.


Mini Band Session 1

Mini Band Session 2

Why Band Work?

Simple – We're big fans of keeping strength work simple. Gym equipment can often be complicated and intimidating. With bands, once you know the area you are trying to target and you work on perfecting your technique it’s easy to replicate with minimal risk of injury.

Versatile – You really can get an effective full body workout with just bands. Our main principles at strength for endurance are Mobility, Activation and Strength and I prescribe band work in each one of these.

Portable – When you think of strength training, most people think big weights, but what happens if you can’t access a gym or go away on holiday. The strength work doesn’t have to stop. Bands are lightweight, cheap and highly portable, just chuck them in your pocket, your swimming bag  or your hand luggage.

Progressive – Bands come in different tensions from extra light for heavy. But we can also manipulate the intensity of most exercises by increasing things like time under tension as well changing the tempo and number of repetitions you perform.