For most of us who aren't racing, this weekend will be spent out on the bike, hitting the trails or jumping in the pool. But are you really getting the most out of these training sessions? Prepare your bodies for the session to come with these handy tips.

Activation is a key component within any training program. Commonly (with thanks the modern day life) we find athletes with a lack of activation in the posterior chain - meaning the muscles at the back, such as hamstrings and glutes are not working as well as they could be. As a result we are finding imbalances in running gait patterns and poor mechanics on the bike, which will ultimately lead to sub-optimal performance or worse, injury.

Give these exercises a go prior to heading out the door and really 'switch' on those important muscles that we want to be working.


BEFORE YOUR RIDE: Get those Glutes firing

The Glute Bridge is a great exercise for activating that posterior chain. We commonly see athletes who are 'all quads' as their glutes have become inactive and lazy. To ensure your glutes working have your heels close towards your bottom, other wise it's your hamstrings that you'll be targeting. This can be done with both feet planted or progressed onto the single leg, by lifting one foot and extending the leg straight out. 2-3 x 10repetitions (30secs rest in between)



BEFORE YOUR RUN: Switch on those small (but mighty) muscles

These single leg runners develop stability through the hip, knee and ankle joints and recruits all those little muscles that will help with proprioception whilst running. It's also great for core control, encouraging you to maintain a strong, tall run position. Move opposite arm with opposite leg and exaggerate the low to high body position. 2 x 10repetitions on each leg (30secs rest in between)


BEFORE YOUR SWIM: Warm up before getting your feet wet

A well-known exercise that can be performed anywhere with the aid of a resistance band and your swim paddles. Have a wide, stable base with your feet, knees bent and back straight. Look at keeping your core stable throughout. Here you can see the athlete pulling both arms back together, it can also be modified to focus on the catch phase by moving one arm at a time. 2-3 x 10repetitions (30secs rest in between)