Strength Trainer Kate Luckin (BSc Exercise & Sport Science, Physiotherapist and ASCA Coach) is based in Perth, Western Australia and is currently studying for her Masters. 

Luckin's research study 'Strength training in Long Distance: Does it improve performance and/or decrease injury occurence' will comprise two parts:

Study 1 will aim to identify and describe the strength training characteristics of long distance triathletes. We will ask triathletes to complete a questionnaire that examines the strength training characteristics that they undertake as part of their normal training schedule and the occurrence of injury.


Image: Kate Luckin

Image: Kate Luckin


Study 2 will aim to compare the benefit of a 12 week heavy strength training intervention that will be completed concurrently with endurance training to examine if it improves exercise economy and reduces injury occurrence. The study will consist of a control and intervention group. The intervention group will then complete a 12 week heavy strength training intervention concurrently with endurance training, whilst the control group continue endurance training only. Both groups will keep a training diary and answer a weekly questionnaire regarding injury occurrence. In addition both groups of athletes will be tested before and after the training intervention for their performance in a swim, cycle and run tests that have been designed to replicate a triathlon.

The outcome of the study may lead to improvements in training for long distance triathlon to improve exercise economy but also to reduce injury occurrence. As a result it may lead not only to improvements in athletic performance but it may have the long term benefit in extending an athletes competitive career.

If you would like to be involved, please click on the link below where you and your athletes will be asked to complete a survey that will give us some real-life, tangible data regarding the benefits of strength training for endurance athletes.



Cover Image: Kate Luckin