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Whether you're looking to return to activity after injury, you've had a long break away from training or you want to take your performance to the next level our interactive coach led sessions will help you build the strength and fitness you need.


What’s included?

  • Coach Guided Group Sessions (Bodyweight/Minimal equipment)

  • Coach Guided Gym Sessions (Gym set up/ Weight based)

  • Home/Hotel Specific Training Sessions

  • Warm Up Routines

  • Mobility Sessions

  • Activation- Glute, Core, Upper Back…

  • Resistance Band Workouts

  • Post Physio Rehabilitation Programs

  • Cycling, Running & Swimming specific content....and much more!

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Do I have to Watch the Sessions Live?

No, all the sessions on the Virtual Studio are recorded and added to the platform. Each time we add a new session to the platform, old sessions will be moved into the Archive, which you can access at anytime. You will be able to repeat, pause, rewind and fast forward all of the sessions whenever you like.

Is there a Sign-Up Fee or Lock In Period?

Neither, we understand things change month to month so there is no lock in or sign up costs with our Virtual Studio. It’s just one monthly payment which will begin the date you subscribe.

I have a StrengthForEnduranceKit, can I still Access the old Members Area?

Yes, we’ve kept the old StrengthForEnduranceKit Members Area just as it was. Whether you’ve had your kit for a while or you’re thinking of getting one, all kit owners will get free access to this Kit area even if you don’t subscribe to the Virtual Studio. If you having trouble finding this, let us know by contacting us at

How do I Cancel my Membership?

You can cancel at anytime by clicking on ‘Your Account’ in the top right hand corner of your screen. You will cancel any future payments but have access to the Virtual Studio area until the end of that paid month.

What equipment do I need?

There will be a variety of sessions to choose from depending on what equipment you have available. Some sessions won’t require any equipment, some will use the equipment found in our StrengthForEndurance Kit (suspension trainer and resistance bands). When we use other pieces of equipment we will try to give bodyweight alternatives for all exercises. The coach guided Gym Sessions are designed for those who have access to a gym setup and are looking for some programming to follow, therefore we will be using the appropriate weights and gym equipment for these sessions. If you would like to purchase a StrengthForEnduranceKIT use the discount code VIRTUALKIT to get 20% off your purchase (Shipping available to UK & Europe, Australia & NZ only)

I’ve never done any strength training before, will I be okay to do the sessions?

We pride ourselves in building the foundations of a stronger, healthier and more efficient body. We will aim to provide regressions and progressions during all of our workouts suitable for a range of abilities and levels of experience. You may want to begin with our 6 Part Bodyweight Strength Series, which is a great introduction. If you have any doubt about your current level of health we advise you to see your Doctor before beginning any exercise. If you have any questions about our programming, just contact us at

I’m coming back from injury, are the sessions safe to do?

Whether it is a sports injury or illness it is always advisable to get the all clear from your Health Professional before re-introducing any exercise program. If you have any questions we would be more than happy to discuss with you ( We must add that due to the fact that it is an Online Program we take no responsibility for any possible injury sustained whilst following our guidance or programming.

Got another question? Send us an email to