Identify your Weaknesses if you want to Improve - with Ambassador Ash

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A few months ago we caught up with one of our ambassadors, triathlete, nurse and mum of two Ash. Since then life's been full on with relocating the family, settling into a new job and getting to grips with training and racing in a new area. We recently caught up with her and how she's been getting on with her StrengthForEnduranceKIT....

AM: Life has started to finally settle down, work/ life balance is sorted and my race season has come to an end. I was getting really tired and fatigued towards the end so I’m glad it’s finally here.

Ash single leg squat


SFE: When you first started using the StrengthForEnduranceKIT and program, did you notice any key areas you needed to work on?

AM: The very first thing I noticed was I was a whole lot weaker on my left side, this was evident straight away when I started doing one legged squats. My core is another huge area of weakness for me. After having two big babies and abdominal separation my core has nothing, it desperately needs it’s own dedicated days hahaha! 


SFE: And do you feel like these have improved?

AM: My leg strength - yes. I have big legs so i've been getting stuck into leg work and a lot of riding to try and increase my strength. The bike is where I’m going to make up the most time in triathlon so it’s a huge focus for me.

                                                          Starting to notice the difference on the bike.

                                                          Starting to notice the difference on the bike.

SFE: How often have you been doing your SFE training each week? (Be honest!)

AM: I started off using my kit about 4 times per week but as time got closer to moving/ big races/ Christmas etc, something had to give. I still kept up the strength work about twice a week, it just meant I had to work harder in those sessions and make the most of the time I gave it. I actually felt like I got more out of myself that way. But now that racing is over, I really want to build on my strength again.


SFE: Giving people a simple, convenient and consistent training option is one of our biggest goals. Do you think the StrengthForEnduranceKIT and program achieves this?

AM: Absolutely, I keep mine in its little case so it is either hung on the door handle for a quick set up at home or when we went camping at Xmas for 6 weeks, it was packed into the caravan. It's also handy when I’m racing away from home to just grab and go.

ash bands

SFE: What are the main benefits you have noticed from including strength training in your program?

AM: The main benefits are that it's made me recognise my weaknesses and what really needs attention.


SFE: What do you feel you need to keep working on?

AM: From here, core work!!! That’s my big thing at the moment. From strong core will come strong posture and more power into my ride and run. Amazing abs are always an added bonus too! 


We'll catch up with Ash again soon and find out how she's getting on with her core work! Follow her training and racing progress on Instagram at @teammcnulty and @trimumsaus.