Laura Siddall is making quite a name for herself on the triathlon circuit these days. Whether it's her well known 'don't die wondering' motto, her ability to back up big races one after another or her inspiring progression from self-confessed rookie to world class athlete, the British born athlete is fast becoming not only an ambassador for women in sport but a favourite amongst the triathlon community.

We managed to sneak in a quick catch up with Laura following her impressive (but not surprising) 2nd place at Challenge Roth for a look at her strength training routine and getting to grips with her StrengthForEnduranceKit whilst navigating her way through a jam-packed summer of European racing. 


How many times do you include strength work in your weekly program?

I aim for two main sessions of strength a week in the program. However I try to do some core and activation work every day. 

What do you think is the biggest benefit you get from including strength work into your training?

Strength training helps the body to become functionally strong which leads to better efficiency when swim, bike and running but also helps with recovery and injury prevention.


Laura Siddall Kriss Hendy


Do you have anyone who programs your strength work or have you just built up the knowledge over time?

I work with a few strength trainers who help advise me. If I was in one place I'd work with one person specifically as I think it's beneficial to have a coach / trainer with their eyes on you, so to speak. However I'm pretty global so work a little more independently but touch base with experts when I need. I've built up a pretty good knowledge over time, but it's always good to have fresh eyes and ideas added in. 

Do you do any "strength work" in the lead up to a race? 

In the last week or so before a race my strength work is more mobility, core and activation focused, rather than specific strength exercises.

Favourite exercise with the StrengthForEnduranceKIT Support Straps?

No favourite exercise but the freedom to be able to continue my strength training whilst on the move with perhaps not the access to a gym. The straps are great for this and provide so many options. 

Favourite exercise with the StrengthForEnduranceKIT Resistance Bands?

I have a circuit of exercises I go through using the resistance bands - e.g. banded walks, hip extensions, knee rotations. 

Best piece of strength training advice you’ve been given?

Be consistent.