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One of the biggest concerns amongst many athletes is how to maintain their strength and conditioning work whilst focusing on getting to the start line in peak condition and not being “over-cooked”. 

Strength and stability training reduces the risk of injury by increasing both the strength and mobility of your tissues and joints, whilst off-setting the negative effects often associated with high volume/intensity aerobic training.

Unfortunately too many opt to drop the weights and “off season” gym work as they are worried about the risk of injury. When in fact it is actually an important time during our training/competition cycle to keep strength sessions in the schedule, when done correctly.

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Here we have laid out a few guidelines for maintaining your strength work during the race season:


  • Follow a very light weight or no weight policy during race week. Focus on mobility and activation exercises through the use of bodyweight. 


  • Don't introduce too many new exercises, as this will create a high neurological demand. 


  • Look to maintain a routine with at least 1-2 sessions a week set aside for strength training. 


  • Activation exercises are great at ensuring the correct muscles are firing for your swim, bike and run performance, without being overly demanding.


  • This is a period of time where the aim is to maintain current strength levels and not a time for setting new personal bests! 


  • Sessions during race week should produce no muscle soreness or muscle failure, but still include a sufficient amount of muscle stimulation.


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