Triathlon Strength (Program 1)

Triathlon Strength (Program 1)

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Our Triathlon Specific Strength Program is designed to compliment your Swim, Bike and Run training.

Working on the premise of two strength sessions a week (approximately 30-45minutes) we have designed 'Day 1' and 'Day 2' to keep things varied whilst including a full body focus that'll benefit your performance.

The aim of this program is to develop you into a strong, well balanced and resilient triathlete, whilst developing a better awareness of your body so that you can remain injury free and performing at your best.

Effective programming that is ideal for the time poor athlete.

We all know Triathlon is a very time consuming sport so we've designed a program that can be done at home, in the garden or local park with only a few pieces of equipment needed. Our StrengthForEnduranceKit is a great way to get set up with the basics and having a light weight to hand will be ideal once you're ready to progress.

From Sprint Distance to Ironman, ensure your body is strong enough to go the distance.

(This program is a downloadable PDF)

Once you’ve received your program don’t forget to watch the session Walk Through for further guidance and exercise cues.

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