Swimming Strength (Program 2)

Swimming Strength (Program 2)

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Our 'Swim Specific Strength - Program 2' is next in the series of training programs designed to compliment and enhance your swimming.

The 'General Physical Preparation' (GPP) design aims to develop you into a strong, well balanced and efficient swimmer, whilst developing a better awareness of your body so that you can remain injury free and performing at your best.

Like in your first program the layout works on the premise of two strength sessions a week (approximately 30-45minutes). With a 'Day 1' and 'Day 2' split the program will be varied but complimentary, achieving a full body focus that'll benefit your performance.

We all strive for that Fast, Effortless Swim Stroke but if we don't have the Strength to transfer great Technique we are never going to truly Reach our Potential. 

If you need a hand with the basic equipment, our StrengthForEnduranceKit is a great way to get set up and especially useful to keep on poolside for those Pre-swim warm ups.

(This program is a downloadable PDF)

Once you’ve received your program don’t forget to watch the session Walk Through for further guidance and exercise cues.

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