Cycling Strength (Program 2)

Cycling Strength (Program 2)

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Our 'Cycling Specific Strength - Program 2' is next in the series of training programs designed to compliment and enhance your riding.

The 'General Physical Preparation' (GPP) design aims to develop you into a strong, well balanced and resilient cyclist, whilst developing a better awareness of your body so that you can remain injury free and performing at your best.

Like in your first program the layout works on the premise of two strength sessions a week (approximately 30-45minutes). With a 'Day 1' and 'Day 2' split the program will be varied but complimentary, achieving a full body focus that'll benefit your performance.

Whether you're a Road cyclist, enjoy hitting the Trails, live for your Weekend Group Ride or thrive on testing yourself at a Time Trial, you're happiest on two wheels, fact.

But for those of you who haven't included Strength work into your training before, you're about to Unlock a whole new level of Power, Efficiency and Speed, not to mention a more Comfortable and Injury Free Cycling life through Improved Mobility.

We've designed the Program so it can be done with a few pieces of basic equipment. If you don't have your own equipment our StrengthForEnduranceKit is a great way to get set up and having set of dumbbells to hand will be ideal once you're ready to progress.

(This program is a downloadable PDF)

Once you’ve received your program don’t forget to watch the session Walk Through for further guidance and exercise cues.

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