Cycling Strength (Program 1)

Cycling Strength (Program 1)

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Our Cycling Specific Strength Program is Designed to Build you into a Stronger, more Powerful and Efficient Cyclist.

Whether you're a Road cyclist, enjoy hitting the Trails, live for your Weekend Group Ride or thrive on testing yourself at a Time Trial, you're happiest on two wheels, fact.

But for those of you who haven't included Strength work into your training before, you're about to Unlock a whole new level of Power, Efficiency and Speed, not to mention a more Comfortable and Injury Free Cycling life through Improved Mobility.

Working on the premise of two Strength sessions a week (approximately 30-45minutes) we have designed a 'Day 1' and 'Day 2' program to keep things varied. You'll work on key areas such as Glute Activation, Core Stability and Single Leg Strength whilst adopting a full body focus that'll benefit your Performance.

Don't worry if you don't have access to a Gym, we've designed the Program so it can be done with a few pieces of basic equipment and we provide Bodyweight Alternatives if you get really stuck. If you don't have your own equipment our StrengthForEnduranceKit is a great way to get set up and having set of dumbbells to hand will be ideal once you're ready to progress.

(This program is a downloadable PDF)

Once you’ve received your program don’t forget to watch the session Walk Through for further guidance and exercise cues.

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