12 Week Foundation Gym Program

12 Week Foundation Gym Program

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This program is designed to build your confidence in a gym training environment. Whether you've got a gym set up at home or go to your local one this program will provide you with a safe, effective and progressive plan to get started.

We will guide you through a 12 week program, taking you from the basic bodyweight squat to being comfortable squatting with a barbell on your back. 

Each exercise in the program has a video demonstration so you can see how each exercise is done and get the most out of every session. The 12 week program is broken down into three four week blocks so you get just the right amount of progression and variety in your training. 

For this program you will need access to gym equipment including: a range of free weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells, barbell, pull up bar

(This program is a downloadable PDF format)

Once you’ve received your program don’t forget to watch the session Walk Through for further guidance and exercise cues.

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