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no time? no equipment? no problem!

Being strong is essential whether you're a full time mum, spend long hours at the office or are an elite athlete. Having strong foundations will keep you injury free, feeling great and performing at your best whatever you enjoy doing, so don't let lack of time, confidence or no gym access get in the way or creating a healthy, strong and injury free body.


Make it work for you

Consistency is key to success, but when a program is time consuming and overcomplicated, it's not going be easy to stick to. You need a program that is simple, convenient and that fits into your daily life without too much disruption. Our programming focuses on simple but effective exercises, broken into 'bitesize' sessions that can be done even when you only have 5 minutes to spare.

Busy Mum of three Katie (pictured) love to run, but with three small children and a husband who trains seriously as a Triathlete, her time is limited. She fits her strength work in and around her busy household so that she can keep running, injury free for many years to come. Read how she does it......more. 

Break up your work day 

Work from home? No time to get to the gym?

Chances are you've let your health and fitness slide and like many others you're suffering from a sore neck, tight hips and creaky knees.

Having the equipment and programming included in the StrengthForEnduranceKit means that you can train confidently, conveniently and effectively at home, in the office or when you're travelling. With short manageable training sessions depending on whether you have 10 minutes or 45 minutes, there is no better way to build strength, prevent injury and improve your health.

"We can have the best intentions to develop better habits but if it's inconvenient (travel, time or money) we are less likely to make new habit stick." 

it's not just athletes who get injured

You don't have to be running a marathon, or training for an event to get injured. From lower back pain to plantar fasciitis, doing less put's you at just as much risk. Building a strong, resilient body will help prevent you from things like "tweaking" your back and give you confidence that you can throw yourself at anything.

"If you don't use it, you lose it!"




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