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We can’t expect our bodies to perform if we don’t warn them first, and it doesn’t have to be anything lengthy or complicated.

So whilst you’re pouring your pre-ride coffee, work through our ‘Essential Cycling Warm Up’ to activate key muscle groups and get the blood flowing to ensure you’re maximising each and every training session.

Designed to be done before EVERY ride!

Do you get a sore back on or off the bike?


The T-Spine Lunge is a great mobility exercise that can be done daily to free up both upper and lower back as well as getting into those tight hips.

Benefits: Turning to look behind becomes much easier, can reduce lower back discomfort 

* PLAN OF ACTION: If you need to work more on your mobility, make sure you fit our Hip Mobility, Shoulder Mobility or Warm up Routines into your weekly routine (at least 2-3 times a week).

What will this one exercise say about you?

This one exercise can identify a lot in terms of the weaknesses and imbalances that could be hindering your cycling performance. Identify them and then look to improve them.

* PLAN OF ACTION: Like we say in the video if you're finding tightness through your ankles, knees and hips work on your supported squat mobility each day.

why do cyclists need to work on their upper body?

Having a strong upper body will help counteract the forward "aero" positions we spend some much time in on the bike, which can in time lead to shoulder and back problems. A step down from the pull-up, here's a great exercise for developing better posture and performance. 

Equipment needed: Support Straps

* PLAN OF ACTION: Feeling a bit weak 'up-top'? Work your way through our Shoulder Strength sessions

are you pushing equal power through both legs?

It's common to have discrepancies in our single side strength, with one leg always being stronger than the other, but how much is the difference for you?

When riding or running you are always looking for efficiency and equal strength/power from both legs, to be a better athlete and to prevent injury. 

* PLAN OF ACTION: Group Strength Session 1 is a great session for working on those single leg weaknesses. 

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