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Located in the beautiful City of Bath, the Strength For Endurance Training Studio is a unique facility designed specifically with Endurance Athletes and Rehabilitation Clients in mind. Through Private Consultations and small Group Classes we bring quality and simplicity to an often overcomplicated area of training. Whatever your age, ability or goals, we take pride in building stronger, healthier individuals.

Whether you're training for your first 10k, building to your next Ironman or coming back from injury, our 'Physio to Performance' approach working closely with The Pure Practice Physiotherapy Clinic will guarantee to develop the strength and resilience you need for your daily demands. 

If you can’t make it to see us in person, you can work with us via our home and travel StrengthForEnduranceKIT that will ensure you start to move, feel and perform better. 

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Injury to Action

Establishing a proactive mindset is crucial whether it's for Prehab or Rehab Post Injury.  

Our combined Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning approach alongside The Pure Practice provides a safe and structured environment to get you back on track towards your goals. Whether you've had a ACL reconstructions or you suffer from reoccurring back pain join our small group classes and build your confidence and strength to a level where you can do all the things you enjoy.

Simply contact us if you would like to come along.

Lower limb rehab strength