The StrengthforEnduranceKIT gives you the essential equipment and guidance to start strength training for your endurance sport at home or on the go


  • Suspension Trainer

  • Large Resistance Band

  • Two Mini-Loop Bands
  • StrengthForEndurance Training Program
  • StrengthForEndurance Sports Bag 
  • Access to Online Member's Area
  • 50+ Exercise Video Tutorials
  • Now also Includes Strength Units - Series 1 (DOWNLOAD EDITION)

also included

  • 4-in-1 Program Design

  • Free Upgrade to Exercise Progressions

  • Member's Benefits & Discounts

  • One Off Payment & Lifetime Access

  • Mobile & Desktop Compatible

  • 10, 20, 30 or 40 Minute Sessions

the equipment

suspension trainer


Designed to allow you to train anywhere, at home, in the garden, at the track or in the gym. These versatile straps will support your training needs and allow you to move like an athlete.

resistance bands


The high quality resistance band is designed with the endurance athlete in mind. Its ideal tension will help you activate and mobilise your body, ensuring you on are on point for your performance.

resistance loop bands


Your resistance loop bands will provide you with two levels of intensity, to fully activate your dormant and un-used muscle tissue and improve your efficiency.

online training program


Our program provides you with a structured, safe and effective approach to strength training. With three simple steps and options for different timed sessions, you can make strength training fit in around your daily life.


online strength training plan

Access the Member's Area for your Training Program, Online Library, Exercise Tutorials and Progressions at the touch of a button.


Take a tour of the Members Area


The StrengthForEnduranceKIT comes with a free video review service. Anytime you are unsure of your technique, you can take a video of yourself doing the progression(s), upload it to Youtube, Dropbox , Vimeo and send it to us for feedback.

Whilst training in a gym with a trainer is great, it isn’t always possible. Our compact 'StrengthForEnduranceKIT' is perfect for busy endurance athletes, as it delivers the first steps to strength training in the most convenient and effective way. Whether you use it at home, at work or on the go it will guide each athlete through the foundations of strength training to ensure successful, injury free performance year after year. 


We understand that your time is precious, especially trying to juggle training, work, travel and family commitments, so we’ve broken things up into the simplest of steps. Whether you have 10 minutes or 40 minutes to spare, you can experience the benefits of following our endurance specific strength program. The MOBILITY, ACTIVATION and STRENGTH elements can be done on their own or as a complete session, complimenting your primary run, bike or swim sessions. 

dumbell exercises for athletes

Mobility, Activation & Strength

Our thorough but simple approach will help you build the necessary foundations for your endurance sport. Using this winning combination will not only improve your everyday health, but benefit your performance and keep injury at bay. 

train like a professional athlete

Train like a Pro

Take your training to the next level and become a smarter, more complete athlete. No more excuses for injury or poor performance, it's time to take responsibility and achieve your true potential. 

training ideas for life

Lifetime Access

Pay once and access your course anytime, anywhere without the hassle of monthly subscriptions. Enjoy regular updates to 'Strength for Endurance' Members Area, as well as members-only special offers .

value for money

Value for Money

For the price of two personal-training sessions or a wasted month of gym membership, you can have the tools and education that will last you a lifetime. We challenge you to try, and not feel better!

strength training program

Less is More

Gone are the days of training longer and harder. You can't push your body to the limits day after day and not be surprised when the cracks start to appear. A simple and consistent strength program will lay the foundations for success.

training for better health

Train for Life

Our programming includes the basic, functional movements of a healthy human being. We are not just training for the next event we are training to build longevity and life after racing.

MOBILISE (5).png

Frequently Asked Questions


A. We recommend that you try to get at least two of our COMPLETE sessions in a week. However we understand this is not always possible, and that’s why we've given you the option of managing your own sessions - so you can experience the benefits whether you have 10 minutes or 40 minutes. 


A. Our StrengthforEnduranceKIT is designed to assist anyone, no matter their age, ability, size or strength. It provides the first steps to get started and maintain strength and mobility for everyday health and performance. If you are unsure of your current level of health, please seek the advice of health professional before commencing with our program. 

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