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Pre Taper Strength Training

Kriss answers one of the most common questions - What do you do for S&C in the lead up to a race or event?


Facebook LIVE Workout 18/01/18

Join Kriss for a 20 minute Strength Session that will cover the SFE 3 Steps to Performance - Mobility - Activation - Strength!

Todays session focusses on hip mobility, glute activation and single leg strength! Join us and stay consistent with your strength program!


Tutorial: 2 Easy Tips for Improving your Squat Technique


Tutorial: How to Prevent Lower Limb Injuries - Ankle Mobility



We take Tim through a series of the progression exercises that are availble on the KIT exercise library.


Fresh from her 2nd place at Challenge Roth, Laura Siddall gives us an insight into how she incorporates strength work into her training and race schedule.

Banded Hamstring Curls (Single Leg)

Due to our 'quad dominant' lifestyle we can become very unbalanced in our body which with make our performance inefficient and our postural health less than optimal.This is a great activation exercise for our hamstrings, that makes them work but doesn't overload them. Remember like any lying down or single side exercise we also want to make the hamstrings work in a whole body movement such as the banded deadlift below.

Banded Deadlifts

A very effective exercise which reinforces the 'hip-hinge'. The Hip Hinge essentially refers to how you correctly and safely set yourself up to lift something off the ground. When we pick anything up we want to have a straight back, bent knees and hinge at the hips rather than rounding our lower back. This is a great full body exercise for all athletes to strengthen their posterior chain, strengthen their lower back and activate their core.

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Training at Home with Tim Van Berkel

We take Tim through a series of the Progression exercises available with the KIT.

Supported Plyo Jumps

Supported Plyometric work is a safe and controlled starting point for developing the conditioning and resilience of our lower limbs.

Supported Single Leg Hops

Progressing on from the double-footed jumps, this will test single side stability, strength and proprioception but still maintain an element of control. 

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