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We have currently filled our Ambassador spots for 2018

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Become A Strength For Endurance Ambassador and Let Us Share Your Journey!

Here at Strength For Endurance we are passionate about helping endurance athletes on their journey to better health and performance.

Our mission is to show how simple, convenient and effective strength training can be in helping you achieve your goals. Ultimately we want to get everyone to the finish line faster and in one piece!

We are seeking a number of endurance enthusiasts (amateur and professional) to represent Strength For Endurance and our mission. Whether you’re looking to complete your first Charity 5k, in training for an Ultra Marathon, cycling through the Alps or looking to qualify for the World Champs we want to hear from you.

As an ambassador we will support you through your journey, educate you along the way and share your other athletes.


Should I Apply?

You know you need to have a consistent strength program in place but you struggle to find the time, the motivation or you’re not sure of what to do?

Are you always injured? Know you haven’t reached you true potential? Travel a lot for work? Or simply hate the thought of the gym?

If you answered YES to any of these, then Strength For Endurance is just what you need!


How Does It Work?

Strength For Endurance Ambassadors will receive a StrengthForEnduranceKIT, Strength Units, Training Support and Guidance from Head Coach and Strength For Endurance founder Kriss Hendy.

In return Ambassadors will document their journey through words, photos and social media so we can share it with our audience.

Strength For Endurance Ambassadors will also have the opportunity for financial reward through our Affiliate Program.


How Do I Apply?

We are looking for a number of Strength For Endurance Ambassadors of all ages, abilities and endurance sports to represent us.

If it is something you would be interested in, please email us at complete with the following details:




Your Sport (incl. Distance) : 

Your goals (races, qualifications, health and performance goals):

Why you would love to be a Strength For Endurance Ambassador:

Any Past Strength Training Experience :

Any links to your social media profiles : 


Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you,

The Strength For Endurance Team